Coconut Cult

The Coconut Cult was born from the desire to find a natural, non-dairy means if restoring gut health through super probiotic living foods. The very first iterations of coconut yogurt started with its co-founder, Noah, fermenting high-quality probiotic strains into coconuts out of his mom's kitchen. Since then, The Coconut Cult has exploded nationwide and refined the recipes for our 100% vegan and organic super probiotic yogurts – delivering products that are not only delicious, but also serve as a fun way for people of all ages to get powerful daily dose of probiotics.

With Coconut Cult's non-dairy probiotic coconut gelato, they have created unique, indulgent flavors and co-branded them with other popular food brands. The pack 50 billion CFUs of 16 probiotic strains into every pint. It's the cleanest non-dairy ice cream available – zero filler, gums, refined, or processed sugars.


San Luis Obispo, California


Ari Raz

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