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Sofia Dickens
Co-Founder and CEO

Sofia Dickens is the CEO and founder of EQtainment and the Q Wunder show and Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Studying psychology at Harvard and working as an educational tv host for America’s #1 quiz show Jeopardy! and the #1 news source for kids, Channel One, inspired Dickens to take 40 years of social emotional research and translate it into award-winning video content, lessons and tools for kids, parents and teachers. Social Emotional Learning is the number one correlate to life success and the only proven solution to ending school violence and bullying. Dickens is the mom of four children and lives in Newport Beach, CA.

Bassima Mroue
Co-Founder and CEO

Bassima is the CEO and co-founder of SkinTē, the first-ever collagen sparkling tea positioned at the intersection of beauty, food and wellness. With the launch of SkinTē, Mroue is uniquely able to merge her dynamic professional background as an executive brand strategist with her own personal journey to achieve optimal health and wellness. For Mroue, SkinTē was born out of personal necessity.

While working at Nike Inc, and at the height of her career, her body started breaking down. She was on her way to Stage 4 endometriosis (not realizing it at the time) and learned she needed back surgery. Her surgeon and mom both encouraged her to consume collagen. With religious daily use, not only did daily consumption help ease her pain, it also helped accelerate her recovery following surgery at an unprecedented pace. Yet, she felt there had to be a better way to consume collagen while achieving similar results without the fuss of powders, pills or bone broth. And so, her journey to create SkinTē alongside a naturopathic doctor and a chef began and later launched in 2018. As the first brand to carbonate collagen, Mroue fulfilled both her need and desire for a delicious grab-and-go collagen beverage designed to unleash health and beauty from the inside out every day. Prior to SkinTē, Mroue served as President of the Sara Blakely Foundation and helped drive ecosystem strategy for Spanx, the beloved brand that revolutionized shapewear. Her commitment to the Foundation remains and Mroue currently sits on the Board. In 2014, Mroue founded BHM Consulting to partner with organizations poised on the edge of business and social transformation. Mroue also spent a decade at Nike Inc., working in various roles such as IT, Supply Chain and Strategy which gave her broad experience and ignited her passion for building a purpose driven brand. With Lebanese American roots, Mroue considers herself a global citizen and is a big believer in the empowerment of women.
"Every day, I am fully aware of what I have to be grateful for. Every day, I am fully aware of the responsibility I feel to give back to those less fortunate."
Bassima Mroue
CEO and Co-Founder - SkinTē