The venture capital firm that partners with companies doing more.

Trousdale Ventures is an innovative venture capital firm in search of companies that are designing the future of health, happiness, and productivity.


Trousdale Ventures is reimagining what it means to be a venture capital firm. The firm explores a broad spectrum of markets for opportunities to invest in forward thinking companies that empower everyday individuals by improving their health, happiness and productivity.

 With each of its investments, the privately-held firm takes a decidedly hands-on and collaborative approach. To ensure the success of companies that align with its ethos, Trousdale Ventures works as a strategic partner, leading synergistic teams of experienced industry pioneers by drawing on its extensive network of entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators. Along with cultivating tailored ecosystems, Trousdale Ventures provides a combination of capital, investment expertise and operational experience to ensure disruptive companies create a positive shift in their respective industries. 

Through its selective investments, Trousdale Ventures is expanding its leadership in the burgeoning better-for-you space, with adjacent investments in technology, productivity, and mental health, that are essential to serving consumers and becoming a compelling purpose-driven investment firm.


We are a group of entrepreneurs, investors, and creatives. We love getting involved in growing businesses, and bring a diverse range of experiences as operators ourselves to the table.



Trousdale Ventures is committed to investing in companies that empower everyday individuals to improve their lives.

We are dedicated to mission-driven companies and brands that prioritize the consumer's health, happiness and productivity at every step of life.

As a hands-on partner and collaborator, we create tailored ecosystems where enterprising ideas flourish.

We'd love to hear your business ideas.

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